Sugar Bottom 3yr Bbl Aged Rum 750ml (Single Barrel Batch!)

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Made from molasses and aged in a French Sessile Oak Red Wine Barrel, this dark bodied spirit is dangerously smooth.

Tasting Notes: woody, sugar, toffee flavored, fuller bodied, darkest and harshest of the 3 Sugar Bottoms.





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Interesting side note, in the old day’s pirates and the sailors of the British Royal Navy used rum for more than recreation. Ships typically stored three types of liquid: water, beer, and rum. Water was of course the most popular choice, but it would quickly go rancid, so before long they would turn to beer—which has a longer shelf life. Guess what they would drink when the beer ran out? Rum! The ship supply of rum could sit in the belly of the ship for the longest time without spoiling. Of course, there’s an obvious drawback, it causes strong intoxication. No wonder pirates were jolly.